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On Microdose TherapyTM, I feel like someone Teflon-coated and greased my joints.

A Proven Treatment for Chronic Inflammation is Available Now

Microdose TherapyTM Perfectly Controls Inflammation

To solve Helen’s severe disease at the University, we discovered how the body normally arrests good inflammation, what goes wrong and how to fix it. Cortisol, the world’s most perfect anti-inflammatory agent, is the answer. Delightfully, it is a hormone made by the body, always present in the blood and available as tablets. We just haven’t known how to use it until now.


Inflammation, The Fire Within Inflammatory Diseases

Inflammation is like a fire that burns at life’s supporting structures. It causes pain, fatigue, stiffness, brain fog, destroyed joints, difficult movement, hot and cold nerve sensations, numbness, tingling, asthma, headaches, urination difficulty and other unpleasant things depending on where it burns in the body.

Video Introduction

21 Days into Microdose TherapyTM

Inflammation diseases arrested
Pain reduced /eliminated
Stiffness reduced /eliminated
Brain fog eliminated

Energy restored
Headaches reduced /eliminated
No significant side effects
Walking improved

Dyskinesia reduced /eliminated
Tremors reduced/eliminated
Leg/arm control restored
Tension reduced/eliminated

How Microdose TherapyTM Works

When inflammation strikes (left image), your body allows short-term inflammation to prevent infections. Afterwards, your body produces extra cortisol to arrest the inflammation and return things to normal (upper right image).

When your body can’t produce the extra cortisol anymore, inflammation grows into chronic inflammation (lower right image).  Then pain, stiffness, fatigue, brain fog, difficult body movements, tremors and uncontrolled body movements of inflammation diseases threaten.

Microdose TherapyTM teaches you to take 100% natural, bio-identical cortisol tablets to replace the missing cortisol to return things to normal (complete inflammation control illustrated in upper right image), that is, to do what the body wants to do but can no longer do it.  Since you are only replacing the missing, no significant side effects were expected nor observed (1,920-patient study).

Hench and Kendall (Mayo Clinic) with Reichstein (Switzerland) received the Nobel Prize for discovering cortisol perfectly controls inflammation, but failed to find a safe way for its lifetime use without causing cortisol side effects.   We discovered the safe way for lifetime cortisol use with no significant side effects.


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We want to help you feel better so that you can enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life.

Our mission is to help you treat the disease of inflammation. To date, we have helped 1,920 patients.

You can be our next success story.

Microdose TherapyTM is Superior to Industry Standards

Dr. Virgil I. Stenberg, B.A. and scholarship, Concordia College; Ph.D., Iowa State University; National Institutes of Health Fellow; National Institutes of Health Career Development Award; Teaching Award, University of North Dakota; Research Award, American Chemical Society; Research Award, Sigma Xi; Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor, University of North Dakota; 150 scientific articles.  Books: Arthritis. The Simple Solution;  Fibromyalgia Breakthrough; When Inflammation Becomes a Disease; International Advisory Board, Interscience World Conference on Inflammation, Geneva; invited lectures in Australia, Canada, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland.

Rheumatoid arthritis
Parkinson’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
symptom reduction
symptom reduction
symptom reduction
symptom reduction
symptom reduction

Inspiration behind Microdose Therapy™

Dr. Stenberg’s wife Helen suffered rheumatoid arthritis. Years of surgeries and treatments gave her no relief from chronic pain and debilitation. A doctoral scientist and professor, Dr. Stenberg was driven to years of study and research in hopes of finding a solution. He did, and not just for Helen. A Microdose TherapyTM clinical trial proved it. Helen Foundation has been proving it for years. Today thousands of sufferers and those who treat them and love them are grateful.

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