This Blog Talks About:

  • According to researchers at Washington State University, online pain management programs can reduce patient reliance on prescription pain medication.
  • These programs focus on non-medical alternatives for managing chronic pain. Fortunately, patients don’t have to participate in this program to reap similar benefits.
  • Dr. Virgil Stenberg of the Helen Foundation shares the benefits of supplemental treatment techniques and Microdose Therapy™ for boosting overall health.

Chronic pain patients involved in an eight-week, online pain management course at Washington State University reported a decrease in their opioid medication reliance and a higher quality of life. The online pain management program provided participants with tools to manage psychological, social and health issues common with chronic pain. Some of these tools included ways to manage pain through physical activity, tips for building and establishing a positive mindset, and strategies for dealing with negative emotions.

Marian Wilson, assistant professor at the university’s College of Nursing tracked 43 patient participants who suffered from chronic, non-cancer pain. Patients said they adopted practices that changed their negative thinking patterns and that they used the relaxation techniques they were taught to reduce their chronic pain symptoms.

This program highlights the power of self-efficacy, a technique that allows patients to divert their attention from their pain to more positive things. Fortunately, there are ways patients can achieve these benefits without enrolling in an online program. Self-efficacy encourages individuals to set goals for themselves, mediate, reading daily affirmations, complement themselves, and exercise. Combining these supplemental treatment techniques with Microdose Therapy™ may reduce overall pain and discomfort.

Another thing to note is the difference between prescription pain medications for chronic pain management over alternative therapies like Microdose Therapy™. Although there is risk involved with any kind of medication you take, Microdose Therapy™ uses 100% natural, bio-identical cortisol tablets to replace missing cortisol in the body, which may have a lower risk of producing side effects.

Microdose Therapy™ helps reduce inflammation, and subsequently pain, in those living with a chronic inflammatory disease. Patients using this therapy are taught to take it under the supervision of a physician and Helen Foundation representative to minimize adverse effects. Call the Helen Foundation today to learn more about Microdose Therapy™! We welcome any questions you may have about this unique therapy.

Dr. Virgil Stenberg of Helen Foundation developed Microdose Therapy™ to help those suffering from various inflammatory diseases and debilitating conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Stenberg has helped thousands of patients reduce their pain, swelling, fatigue and immobility with Microdose Therapy™. For more information on Microdose Therapy™, or to schedule a consultation, please call 877-322-3685 or visit our “Contact Us” page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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