Microdose Therapy

“We, the people with inflammatory diseases as arthritis, dream of a pill that will strip us of pain. Next, we dream it will do no harm. My husband’s treatment did both. I finally got free from my prison of pain from which there was no escape.” – Helen

Professor Stenberg explains, “We, at the University of North Dakota (UND), found inflammatory diseases evolve from short-term, beneficial inflammation lasting too long.”

Long-lasting inflammation, i.e., chronic inflammation, signals a weakening of the body’s hydrocortisone production during stressful times. Hydrocortisone is the inflammation-controlling hormone of the body.

The solution is to teach patients to supplement the body’s aging hydrocortisone production with hydrocortisone tablets. When taken only as needed within the maximum safe use limit, hydrocortisone side effects are avoided. 

Then, people with inflammatory diseases lose most or all pain, fatigue, and stiffness within the first weeks.

This treatment plan gave superior results in a University of North Dakota (UND) School of Medicine double-blind clinical trial. University of Alexandria (Egypt) School of Medicine independently repeated the trial to confirm the UND results.

The most recent Helen Foundation-sponsored clinical study concluded the treatment plan solves all inflammatory diseases when tested in 2,428 patients with 38 inflammatory diseases (Table 3 of article). A copy of the article can also be obtained from Pubmed by searching for ‘Virgil I. Stenberg General Theory of Inflammation.’

No significant side effects were reported by the 81 participating physicians.

The treatment plan has become known as Microdose Therapy™ – a small amount of hydrocortisone as needed.

For those wishing, the Helen Foundation will supply a step-by-step Patient Education Manual, daily monitoring, prescriptions, and weekly guidance instructors for Microdose Therapy™. Use of telemedicine makes travel unnecessary.