Dementia & Microdose Therapy™

At the Helen Foundation, we understand how detrimental dementia can be when going through daily life and have developed a solution to arrest the inflammation of dementia. Years of research and studies have helped us perfect a cortisol dosing technique in which patients are directed to take cortisol only on the bad days of inflammation and not on the good days.

Studies have shown that for those with dementia, Microdose TherapyTM yields a 69% average symptom improvement. Most patients experience reduced pain and inflammation in 3 weeks. 

Microdose TherapyTM, provided by the Helen Foundation, is patient self-administration of cortisol. Helen Foundation’s Microdose TherapyTM includes a patient manual, an electronic monitoring system, a confidential messaging service, a coach, and tele doctor. 

Cortisol is a natural hormone produced in the body.  When cortisol production weakens, the result is long-term inflammation. When administered properly, Microdose TherapyTM uses less cortisol than what the body would ordinarily produce, making it extremely effective at reducing pain and inflammation without any side effects. 

If you believe that Microdose TherapyTM is right for you, or you would like to learn more, we can help. You can complete an Enrollment Form or call us at 812-TO-HELEN (812-864-3536)