The Effects of Asthma on the Body

When you think about asthma, you probably also think of an inhaler—a device an asthmatic person uses to help them breathe better. How Asthma Negatively Affects the Body With asthma, a person may have a hard time breathing such that they cough or wheeze. People with asthma may feel a tightness in their chest and… Read more »

Signs of Chronic Inflammation

How do you know if you have chronic inflammation? It can show up in a number of ways. There are several signs to look for… Tingly Feet Could Be a Sign of Chronic Inflammation First, do you have tingling feet or feel more thirsty or tired than usual? You might have inflammation that’s affecting how… Read more »

What is Chronic Inflammation?

If you’ve ever experienced pain, you know that there are various ways to describe it. Sometimes it can feel like a “burning sensation.” Did you know the term inflammation comes from the Latin verb “inflammare,” which means catching on fire? Inflammation of a person’s joints, for example, can often be described as red, warm, swollen… Read more »

What Are the 4 Stages of Osteoarthritis?

A lot of older people experience osteoarthritis, a common type of arthritis that also happens to be a chronic condition affecting joints in the body. When cartilage between bones that usually cushions the joints no longer functions as intended– it wears down– then bones start rubbing against each other and the person experiences pain. Along… Read more »

What Causes Arthritis Flareups?

When you have arthritis and it seems like your symptoms are worse than usual, that’s when you’re having a “flareup” or “flare” and even medications you’re on might not seem to control such issues. Ugh. What can cause arthritis symptoms to worsen?  Types of Arthritis There are different types of arthritis. For instance, there’s rheumatoid… Read more »

How Microdose™ Therapy Can Help Fibromyalgia

What’s The Big Idea Behind Microdose Therapy™? Microdose Therapy is like that perfect shot of espresso, just enough to give you a boost but not so much it leaves you buzzing. It’s about using teeny tiny doses of hydrocortisone, you know, the stuff your body naturally produces to tackle inflammation. Now, we’re not talking about… Read more »

Can You Slow Down Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is quite well known ever since famous actor Michael J. Fox (Family Ties, Back To The Future, Spin City) was diagnosed with it decades ago. It’s a brain disorder that can cause unintended/uncontrollable movements of the body. For instance, a person with Parkinson’s might have shaky hands at certain times. Or they might… Read more »