Doctor Recommendations

Justus Fiechtner, M.D., Rheumatologist 
“The new approach now called Microdose Therapy is based on the simple principle that you should take medication when your body needs it most.  People with arthritis can achieve dramatic relief from pain and tender joints by taking less medication.”  

Francis LaBlanc, M.D., Family Practice
“Patients finally have found something that works really well. They like the idea of having control. Ninety percent of people who come into my office and start using Microdose Therapy™  feel better than they have for a long time.”

Brian Butcher, Arthritis Foundation, Group Vice President for Research
“In most cases, there are long enough intervals between flare-ups so that people using Microdose Therapy™ end up taking significantly less medication than if they were taking daily doses of pain killers.  As most people with arthritis know, pain is not constant.  It tends to be worse during flare-ups.  With Microdose Therapy, people get the most medication when they need it and don’t take it on the good days.”

Michael Kell, M.D., Family Practice
“Microdose Therapy is an excellent example of a scientifically evaluated and effective method of not only to significantly reduce symptoms but return disease management to the patient.  Over two years we obtained significant and long-lasting decreases in arthritic pain and number of disease flares using Dr. Stenberg’s Microdose methods.”

Arizona State Board of Medical Examiners
“Dr. Virgil Stenberg has impeccable credentials and has done much research on rheumatoid arthritis and use of steroids.”

Arthritis Foundation, Public Information Memo, 1993
“Microdose Therapy (very low dose prednisone, a synthetic cortisone) … has very few, if any side effects.”

John Irwin, M.D., Gynecologist
“Microdose Therapy is a new system for treating arthritis using tiny amounts of cortisone thus avoiding side effects.  It is built upon the idea that the arthritic’s body produces an inadequate amount of cortisone when the body should stop natural inflammation and not at other times”.

Louis L. Healey, M.D., Rheumatologist
“The key to its (cortisone) use is recognition that all toxicity is dose related.  A low dose such as 7.5 mg prednisone (a synthetic cortisone) is not cumulative and is thought to be usable indefinitely without osteoporosis or other serious adverse effects.” 

William Jefferies, M.D., Endocrinologist, Author of Popular Book, Safe Uses of Cortisone
“That cortisone and hydrocortisone are normal hormones of the adrenal cortex implies that in physiologic dosages they must be safe.”

RJ Koval, M.D., Family Practice 
“After using Microdose Therapy for over two years, 80% of my patients experienced dramatic relief.  The Microdose system gives control to the patient in treating their disease.”