Microdose Therapy for Arthritis

At the Helen Foundation, we understand how detrimental arthritis can be when going through daily life and have developed a solution to arrest the inflammation of arthritis.

Years of research and studies have helped us perfect a hydrocortisone microdosing technique in which patients are directed to only take hydrocortisone on the bad days of their inflammation and not on the good ones.

When used in these small microdoses, hydrocortisone has been shown to be extremely effective at reducing the effects of inflammation of arthritis.

Studies have shown that for those with moderate to severe arthritis, hydrocortisone microdosing yields a 76% average symptom improvement, and it has been shown to begin working in just one week with maximum disease control at six weeks.

Hydrocortisone is naturally produced in the body, but its production can dip as we age, and the result is long-term inflammation. When administered properly, a hydrocortisone microdose offers less hydrocortisone than what the body would ordinarily make, meaning there should be zero side effects.

When you’re interested in microdose therapy for arthritis, we are standing by to teach you proper microdosing techniques virtually from our live instructors. We also have a telephone hotline for any questions you have, will measure your arthritis severity daily, offer prescriptions from doctors by telemedicine and will provide an easy-to-understand Patient Education Manual.

We ask that you call us today at (800) 508-9562 and suggest that you consult your primary doctor about microdosing so they can participate in treatment.