Microdose Therapy for Moderate to Severe Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & More

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There’s no reason people living with chronic inflammatory diseases should have to choose between their painful, fatiguing symptoms and equally as draining medication side effects. Very few treatment options thus far have been able to offer a solution—until The Helen Foundation was formed.

With our revolutionary Microdose Therapy, patients can find relief from their pain and symptoms with minimal side effects. If you’re managing an inflammatory disease, reach out to us and we can help.

Microdose Therapy for Cortisone-Responding Diseases

Microdose therapy is a regimen of hydrocortisone tablets that are used to supplement insufficient hydrocortisone production in your body. When you have a chronic inflammatory disease, your body does not produce enough hydrocortisone to control beneficial short-term inflammation, so it becomes long lasting. By taking a dose of the hormone as needed and within the maximum safe amount, those suffering from inflammatory diseases see most or all of their symptoms disappear.

The effectiveness and safety of Microdose Therapy has been confirmed in several different independent clinical trials by the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, the University of Alexandria School of Medicine, and a study sponsored by The Helen Foundation. No significant side effects were reported in any of the studies.

Microdose therapy can help treat many chronic diseases. Some treatable conditions include:

The Helen Foundation’s Microdose Therapy has transformed the lives of many patients. If you’re wondering whether you can benefit from a treatment plan, give us a call at (480) 734 8525, send us an email at virgilsa@aol.com, or fill out our online form. If you’re ready to start Microdose Therapy right away, fill out our enrollment form and we’ll get you set with a treatment plan shortly!