Sigurd Andenas at Senior Olympics - 10 years on Microdose TherapyTM
Sigurd Andenas at Senior Olympics
10 years on Microdose TherapyTM
“I felt like someone greased and
teflon-coated my joints.”

For Microdose TherapyTM, you must be trained when to use, how much to use, for what reasons to use hydrocortisone together with its safe limits of use. Your disease intensity will be monitored daily. You will be taking hydrocortisone daily for the first four weeks to eliminate your symptoms. Then you will be taught to take 5-day doses of hydrocortisone to arrest reoccurring flares. In so doing, you will consume less hydrocortisone then the maximum safe daily use limit yet receive total control of chronic inflammation – the cause of your symptoms. The location of the inflammation in your body determines which inflammation disease is manifested in your body.

Professor Stenberg adds “Now after five decades of this research, I echo the words of 83-year-old Alvina with her gnarled, raised hands, one of our first patients after Helen. ‘Forget your skepticism. Oh, it worked for me perfectly. Nobody could get worse than I was. If it worked for me, why wouldn’t it work for you? What have you got to lose?’ The effectiveness of Microdose TherapyTM is about twice that of standard treatments and it has no significant side effects. Your future is up to you. Read what the patients say about MicrodoseTM Therapy. Read what the physicians using Microdose TherapyTM for their own diseases say. Read what physicians using Microdose TherapyTM in their practices say. Read what the experts say. The risk/reward ratio is fantastic. We can do no more. It is up to you to take the initiative to enroll Microdose TherapyTM or remain as you are. Your choice. Because of the low cost, generic hydrocortisone employed, no one can afford to come knocking at your door.“