Here’s Why More Women than Men Develop Multiple Sclerosis

More women than men develop MS (multiple sclerosis). Why is that? Could it be genetics, hormones or just because they’re female? Research is currently being done about this topic. 

Possible Reasons Why Women Are More Prone to MS  Than Men

Men are known for their testosterone while women are known for their estrogen. These sex hormones might play a role in who gets MS. Maybe having lots of estrogen, for whatever reason, makes a person more likely to develop MS? Meanwhile, women who give birth often notice MS flares-up after the baby is born. This is known as a “postpartum relapse” and is a recognized phenomenon among MS researchers and patients. Interesting. Also, you know how it’s easier for men to lose weight and be “cut” whereas women have a harder time losing weight?

Well, obesity is linked to inflammation which is then linked to MS. So when a woman is obese– and many American women are– carrying extra body weight may lead to the development of MS. Finally, there’s the question of Vitamin D’s role in MS. If a woman lives farther from the equator, she’s more likely to develop MS. She’s not getting as much Vitamin D (from natural sunlight) as her peers in the tropics. So, perhaps low Vitamin D levels make for a higher risk of developing MS. 

Research will continue to study who gets MS and why… and when… and how… That said, if you’re a woman with MS or know a woman who is dealing with it, what are some ways to deal with it? One potential helper is Microdose Therapy.™ It eliminates pain, fatigue and related inflammation symptoms in days from cortisone-responding diseases such as arthritis, asthma, dementia, fibromyalgia, MS, osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s disease.

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