What is Chronic Inflammation?

If you’ve ever experienced pain, you know that there are various ways to describe it. Sometimes it can feel like a “burning sensation.” Did you know the term inflammation comes from the Latin verb “inflammare,” which means catching on fire? Inflammation of a person’s joints, for example, can often be described as red, warm, swollen and/or painful. Chronic inflammation is when those issues don’t seem to quickly go away and a person lives with the pain day after day with seemingly little or no relief in sight.

Chronic Inflammation Flareups

So what causes chronic inflammation? When a person experiences an injury or infection, their immune system wants to fix it. So it sends cells and chemicals via blood to the site of the issue. There they work to eliminate damaged tissue and encourage new tissue to form. Now normally, that “job” is done quickly and then things calm down. That would be related to “acute inflammation” – something temporary. However, what if your body isn’t working properly and your immune cells/chemicals decide to just keep constantly working at one spot (like a particular joint)? That’s chronic inflammation and instead of the area calming down and you feeling better, you feel the pain persisting for days, weeks, months or even years.

Things like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes often involve chronic inflammation. The Helen Foundation recommends Microdose Therapy™ to eliminate pain, fatigue and related inflammation symptoms in days from cortisone-responding diseases such as arthritis, asthma, dementia, fibromyalgia, MS, osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s disease.

 Microdose Therapy™ is a regimen of hydrocortisone tablets that are used to supplement insufficient hydrocortisone production in the body. This ultimately helps your pain symptoms disappear. Does this sound intriguing? If you or a loved one suffer with chronic inflammation and want some relief, please call The Helen Foundation at 480-734-8525 or email virgilsa@aol.com for more information.